In late 2017, the Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (LAO PDR), and in advance of the promulgation of its new Mining Law expected in mid-2018, formed the new State Mining Enterprise.

Locrian, through its dedication, hard work, credibility, and ongoing relationships with the various Lao Ministries, was selected to make a number of Cooperation Applications with the newly formed State Mining Enterprise. The Government of Laos will participate as a partner with Locrian in these new Cooperation Areas, ushering in a new level of State participation with companies like Locrian. Locrian is currently progressing four Cooperation Area Applications in Laos. In advance of the new Mining Legislation becoming law, Locrian’s applications have started progressing through to reviews within the various Lao Ministries.

Locrian’s Cooperation Area Applications were selected after a thorough review of the geology and mineral potential of Laos, and we are ready to begin our early stage exploration work to prove the potential of the lands. More information will be forthcoming as Cooperation Areas are granted.